Saturday, 14 March 2015

Tips to Using Adjustable Dumbbells

Here's an additional tips to using Adjustable dumbbells, what i noticed, is that most people don't have the simplest idea on how to use adjustable dumbbells.
it's not buying the dumbbell that is the issue, but using it effectively.

I received a message on a blog that reads;
Thank you sir for recommending the best weight lifting dumbbell to me, but i have a simple issue here sir, i can't figure out how this works.

SO i guess i have to give out additional tips to using adjustable dumbbells.

Seven Methods to Using Dumbbells;
  1. Use a weight that allows you to work hard while maintaining good form. Don’t use heavier weights just to please your ego if it means crappy form.
  2.  You’ll just be sabotaging yourself not to mention risking injury.
  3. Lower the weight in order to complete more reps (12-15) for lean gains; increase the weight and do less reps (8-10) to add mass. You don’t have to lift to failure, but the last 2-3 reps should be challenging.
  4. Remember to breathe! You should exhale during the muscle contraction, inhale during the release.
  5. Don’t rush the movement, stay slow and controlled throughout. Rushing leads to cheat reps (for example swinging the dumbbells during curls) and undesirable form which again only ends up sabotaging your progress.
  6. Use time limits for each move, especially to help gauge improvements over time. Try 45-60 seconds per move.
  7. Keep a record of your workouts: weights used, number of reps and any other comments will help you track your progress.

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